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Next Event 28th & 29th August 2020



We host specialized live events in unique locations.

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Poker events consist of well structured low-medium buy-in tournaments and round the clock cash games.
All games are organized, managed and run by the industry's leading workforce.
Registration fees & cash game charges are super competitive, and always 100% fully transparent.
Every venue is scrutinized and reviewed to ensure perfect suitability for a weekend vacation enjoying our great game.

Player number cap on all events.

7-max per table.

Player acceptance on application only.

Professionally dealer dealt with T.D.

Upcoming Events

The Rio Festival

Dates 28th - 29th August 2020

Total Availability 49

Sold 15

Remaining 34

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The Rio Festival

Boyne Hill House

Dates November 2020

Total Availability 50

Sold 11

Remaining 39

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Acceptance is on application only.

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